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Basic Lighting 101 - A Balancing Act

This three (3) hour classroom workshop will cover the basic principles of light in general and the combining strobe with natural lighting. The focus of this workshop will be lighting for portraiture and the basic principles. We will cover the use of one strobe mixed with natural lighting-quality of light, bare lighting, reflected lighting, and diffused lighting.

The Main Objective:

The main objective of this tutorial is to position, control, modify and balance ONE light source with or without other available light sources and using various inexpensive tools of the trade as we light ANY SUBJECT.

In This Tutorial Workshop We Will Cover

Visible Light: How We See

Quality and Direction of Light

Color of Light

Modification of Light-Tools of the Trade

Lighting Ratios

Function and Placement of Light

Tools We Will Use

ONE Hand Held Flash Unit with adjustable output.

ONE Reflector.

ONE lightbox or framed translucent material.

We will also cover TWO of the FIVE main techniques of portrait lighting using this ONE LIGHT.

Class Requirements

Digital SLR Camera with different exposure modes, mainly Manual Operation. Tripod-Helpful but NOT MANDATORY for this class. A detachable flash unit that is compatible with your camera.

Basic Lighting 101*

Registration Fee ONLY $75.00

3 (three) attendees minimum and 6 (six) attendees maximum.

*(A pre-requisite for this workshop would be The Fundamentals of Photography Workshop or a good understanding of aperture and shutter speed.)

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“My life will never be the same with flash outside!!!

Seriously!!!!!! today was my first chance to put my Speed light to use outside since the workshops and SERIOUSLY it's as if I went my whole life without chocolate and then someone gave me a piece!!! Thank you for doing those workshops!”

Crystal S.

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Saturday Morning

February 4 , 2023


Classroom 9:00 a .m. to 12:00 p.m. (NOON)


The Barefoot Cafe (Private Room)

2036 14th Ave. STE 100

Vero Beach, FL 32960

Downtown Main Street, Vero Beach


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