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Photographic Concierge and Consulting Services

After every photographer has grasped the basics of both the camera and editing software they find themselves off and running. Unfortunately, some find themselves heading in MANY directions or don't know what the next step may be for them. We find that most creative individuals have very specific needs and desires in advancing their craft.

For Both the Professional Photographers and Enthusiasts

In addition to the many photo workshops, we offer many types of Private and Semi-Private Instruction and Consultation for all skill levels in photography from privately lead tours for the enthusiast to guiding the professional or photographic artist in the business of photography, web presence, branding, pricing, marketing, editing software, portfolio reviews and equipment purchasing; just to name a few……

Private and Semi-Private Instruction, Consultation and Portfolio Review Fees

Fees for consultations and portfolio reviews can be charged by the portfolio or hourly. Our portfolio reviews start at $75.00 for ten to twelve (10-12) images (maximum). 45 min to 60 min.

Our standard hourly rate is $100.00 per hour with a two (2) hour minimum. Two persons may share the experience/expense for a semi-private session. Reserving four (4) hours is a savings of $50.00.

Anyone wishing to receive ongoing instruction; our multi two-hour mentor-ship program gives you eight (8) hours of instruction at a rate of only $600.00 saving you $200.00! With an annual minimum of one (1) - eight (8) hour block, you may also enjoy the benefits of direct telephone access for those consultations “ON THE GO!” These telephone consultations can be used in increments of 20-minute segments over the course of the contract.

All “IN PERSON” private consultations are reserved with a minimum of two (2) hours.

** These special rates are for in the studio, in-home, or immediate local in the field instruction. They may not be used for out of town Travel Adventures.

(See Here For Semi & Private Travel Adventures)

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Private Instruction and Photographic Outings

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APT-PRIVATE Instruction

Our portfolio reviews start at $75.00 for ten to twelve (10-12) images (maximum).

45 min to 60 min. Fees for consultations and portfolio reviews can also be charged by the portfolio or hourly.

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