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As a new or renewing member of APPW (Adventure Photography and Photo Walks) I have put together a little FAQ page to answer most of your questions.

Q: Who is the Organizer of this group?

A: My name is J. Scott Kelly (Scott). I am a native of West Palm Beach, Fl and grew up on Singer Island and the Juno Beach/Jupiter area. I have been and currently remain a full-time professional photographer and have owned Island Images Professional Photography Studio, Inc since November 1985. I graduated with an honors degree in photographic technology from the Florida Institute of Technology in June 1985. I have been with my sweetheart (Karen) since 1980 and we married in 1987. We have had the blessing of a wonderful Asian daughter placed into our lives in 1998. We moved to the Vero Beach area in March 2008 to find a slower pace in life and I have been educating photographers via seminars and workshops as well as leading photographic walks and tours since then. I don’t take life to seriously although my friends think I’m wound a bit tight…. (ADHD). I love what I do and want to continue learning while sharing my experiences and knowledge with others. I’m pretty much an open book…I could go on, but I also tend to ramble, just tell me to shut up…(nicely)!

Q: How can you get in touch with me?

A: Our photography group(s) can reach me by email at adventurephotography@hotmail.com or by phone at 772.643.6994

Q: Do you charge a registration fee for your photography groups and WHY?

A: Yes, the BASIC Annual Registration fee to be with the group is currently $60.00 Only $5.00 per month (July 1 to June 30) and a Seasonal six (6) month Registration is $40.00. I personally do not wish to organize a HUGH group and I find that by charging a small yearly registration fee (as all Professional Photography Clubs do) the membership tends to encompass serious photographic enthusiasts that aren’t looking to take advantage of someone's generosity of time and talent. Organizing an active photography group takes a lot of time and travel from my schedule, business, and family as well as the expenses of running a group throughout the year. I also believe that with smaller groups, members have a better chance to participate in events and have a few questions answered by the organizer without competing with a large crowd.

Q: What are some of the BENEFITS that I will receive by registering for the Adventure Photography and Photo Walks Group?

A: Our group affords the members to attend the monthly critiques and coffee socials. We will also schedule FREE photographic outings at least once per month OR MORE! Also, as a member of APPW you are invited to register and compete in multiple statewide photography competitions by becoming a member of the FCCC (Florida Camera Club Council).

Just a few lists of the specific benefits are…

~ Monthly Member Social and Critique Events (Every SECOND Thursday).

~ Monthly Morning Coffee and Photo Chats (Every THIRD Wednesday).

~ FREE Photo Walks – at least one every month and at times, twice monthly.

~ Registration in the FCCC (Florida Camera Club Council) which allows you to compete on a state level for accolades and ribbons at least 3 times per year.

~ 10% to 30% discount on all select Seminars, Workshops and Photographic Tours that our Adventure Photography Tours website has to offer.


Q: How often does APPW gather and where will the gatherings be held?

A: As an APPW registrant, we will gather twice a month on a regular basis, one meeting for a Social & Critique night and another coffee and photographic chat forum. We will also gather every other month and possibly monthly during the day or evening for photo walks. We will rotate throughout the months to accommodate both our retired members and the 9-5ers. Our meeting for the social, critique, and sharing of our work will be held at The Barefoot Cafes’ private dining area in the Pueblo Arcade in Historic Downtown Vero Beach Fl. (2036 14th Avenue). These meetings will be held on the SECOND THURSDAY of the month from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Our monthly coffee chat meetings will be held at a local coffee shop to be determined on a rotating basis.

Q: What might I expect to gain from the Photo Critiques?

A: As far as critiques, I find it necessary for photographers to share with one another and get feedback on their work from not only their peers but from a professional or seasoned photographer in the art. I also believe that critiques are VERY IMPORTANT so that photographers can learn and grow in their art by being challenged to look at their images from a different perspective and not necessarily from an emotional attachment to the subject or some other aspect of their image(s).

Q: Are members required to take any courses, seminars or workshops from Adventure Photography Tours?

A: By all means NO, while Adventure Photography Tours offers many great educational opportunities, there are no advantages or disadvantages to taking any of the workshops that we may offer besides LEARNING something that you might not already be familiar with. The ONLY PRE-REQUISITE to being a member of the group is that you are somewhat familiar with your equipment and that you have a basic grasp of the Fundamentals of Photography (the Manual operation of your camera, ISO, Shutter Speeds, and Apertures). While there will be opportunities to ask questions from the organizer and other members during the photo walks, the walks are meant to practice and socialize with our fellow members, but not to be a class in photography. I recommend that you take a “Getting to Know Your Camera” and/or “Fundamentals 101” class from us or by some other means prior to going out in the field. Our Classes, workshops and other photographic opportunities can be found on our workshop page HERE: ADVENTURE PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS AND CLASSES

Q: Where are your classes, workshop and seminars held and how large are they?

A: While most of our educational classes are offered at our critique location in Vero Beach, Fl , on occasion, we may travel to another location for a field-type workshop. Most of our classes, tours, and other educational workshops are offered to only about 3-6 persons to keep the ratio low and allow more of a personal experience and ensure that the quality of the program is maintained.

Q: Are there opportunities to get more involved in the formation and direction for the group?

A: Heck YES! If you have some spare time and just want to help? APPW is always in need of helping hands. As we see our membership numbers grow, we will organize committees to help plan and promote our various programs and activities. The committees might include Membership, Marketing and Promotion, Activities, Education, Gallery, Contests, and other areas that you might find beneficial. Each committee will have a chairperson and will meet only as needed and much of the work can be done via phone or email. Compensation? You bet! Depending on how you contribute, benefits may range from free registration as well as free classes and workshops. Contact Scott to learn more and GET INVOLVED!

* If there is anything you still have questions about please don't hesitate to contact Scott. If you can think of something that should be added to the FAQ please let us know so it can be added. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you on a Photo Walk SOON!

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