Adventure Photography FAQ’s

Q: Do I need any photographic experience to attend a Photography Adventure?

A: Our photographic adventures are for everyone! Any one from professional to beginner, dSLR shooters to point and shoot or even phone cameras are welcome. The photo adventure is the experience!! In reference to your equipment, you need only to be familiar with your camera and the functions of such. If you are not, you may consider taking a “Getting To Know Your Camera” or “The Fundamentals of Photography” workshop offered by us or someone near you. While on the adventure you will have the plenty of opportunities to ask questions on just about anything on the fly, but typically adventures are not classroom settings.

Q: What IS included in the Photography Adventure?

A: Please check each individual adventure page for details but unless otherwise noted on the adventure page most photography adventures include field guidance, instruction and any one on one help when requested. Please keep in mind that the photographic adventures are not workshops and basic camera operation and knowledge is necessary to attend but if you find yourself in a bind, by all means please do not hesitate to ask for assistance. We are there to help and make your adventure as enjoyable as possible.

Q: What IS NOT included in the Photography Adventure?

A: Unless noted on the specific adventure page; transportation to and from tour location, lodging, transportation at location and meals are not included.

Note on Lodging: Our “Host Hotel” lodging is usually at a mid-range hotel for the area and time of year. You may stay anywhere you like but our meetings will take place at the Host Hotel. Every effort is made to provide clean and comfortable lodging as a minimum. The level is quality is dependent on the location and the price level of the Tour being offered. In places like Bali or Spain, good quality affordable lodging might be a Palace or Parador, and in England or Scotland, it might be an older but colorful bed and breakfast.

Note on Transportation: Ground transportation is usually provided on international destinations, but (unless noted on the tour details page) on domestic adventures, transportation to and from shooting locations will be up to the participants to arrange and Google Map links will be provided. We usually ride share and caravan.

Q: What is the size of the Photographic Adventures?

A: Our Adventures are typically 6-10 persons. The minimum and maximum number of attendees is noted on each adventure page.

Q: May a spouse or friend not taking photos attend a photographic adventure with me?

A: We welcome you to bring a spouse or friend but if they will be joining us on any of the scheduled outings they would be subject to the same registration process, fees and waivers as any other attendee on the adventure. The non-photographic attendee may not put any limitations or constraints on the rest of the group (AKA No Whining). If you have any questions as to this policy please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Q: What should I bring on the Photo Adventure?

A: In addition to any of your personal items that you may need, there is a standard “Things To Bring”

LIST HERE  as a reminder. If there are any specific “Tools Of The Trade”  that may be specifically suited for a particular photo adventure we will list that on the details page of that Adventure.

Q: When will we know the Final Itinerary?

A: After any adjustments that need to be made, the detailed final itinerary and directions will be sent out 30-45 days prior to the trip.

Q: How many hours per day are spent shooting on the Photographic Adventures?

A: This varies with each adventure. Our focus is primarily photography with ordinary sightseeing a distant second. That said, as much time as is possible is provided for shooting, but if you want to spend more time relaxing or sightseeing, that is up to you. Mid-day afternoons are usual downtime to recoup, download images and/or seek a little guidance and to have a couple of questions answered. Or if you prefer to take a long lunch and a nap!

Q: Is there a cancellation policy if the Workshop or Adventure doesn't get a minimum number of participants?

A: Yes, it can be found on the POLICIES webpage. For local Workshops, if we cancel it, we give you a full refund or credit it to the next one based on what you want to do. For Adventures and Adventure/Workshops, we have a Date of Adequate Notice to you so that you can make travel arrangements in a timely manner.

Q: On the Photographic Adventures, are there any critiques or classes?

A: This depends on whether or not you are on a photographic adventure or Adventure/Workshops. For the Adventure/Workshops, the instruction, classes, critiques, as well as equipment needed (such as computer), are spelled out in the Adventure Details. On straight adventures, the Adventure Details will give you an idea, and the guides will be able to assist you with techniques specific to the location or type of light in which you're shooting. As far as critiquing, if weather is bad or during the afternoon down time you can request to have a few images critiqued to make sure you are heading in the right direction.

Q: How do I contact you?

A: Our CONTACT page has contact information. No matter where we are, we have will have access to your emailed questions if internet is available. During our travels we may be in a remote location or have limited access to internet so please be patient while waiting for a response. To contact a specific instructor or tour guide, send us an email and we'll forward it on.

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