Adventure Photography Exhibition

Our parent company Island Images Professional Photography Studio, Inc. and The Gallery of Hope, own and operate a photographic gallery in the Downtown Historic Arts District of Vero Beach, FL.

We will hold an annual call to artist and gallery exhibit for the attendees of our Photographic Adventures.

Any attendee of our Photographic Adventures from the previous year are eligible to submit  (1) one submission to the jury and selection committee per adventure at no charge and are eligible to submit up to (6) six images total per adventure that you have attended.

The selection committee will review all the submitted images and will select (12) twelve to (15) fifteen images from all the submissions that are deemed the best.  The maker(s) of the selected images will be asked to supply the gallery with a 16" X 20" or 16" X 24"  print conforming to our gallery standards for display in the gallery for that month!


You may opt to have the image available for purchase or not. The gallery will retain a minimal 25% commission on the sale of the print. If the print does not sell or is not offered for sale, the maker will be responsible for picking up the print from the gallery or pay to have it insured/shipped to their business or residence. You may also donate the print to the gallery.

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