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Splash/Water Droplet Photography-Let's Get Wet!

This three (3) hour studio workshop will be a BLAST! The workshop will also test your hand-eye coordination as well as your patience! ...

It might take a little while to get in SYNC but once you do you won't be able to stop! We will first cover the set-up for water droplet photography and then how best to use your lighting using flash units and/or studio strobes.

The Water Droplet/Splash workshops are both an exercise in creativity and experimentation.

Once you get the hang of things with your exposure settings and reaction times you will be well on your way to creating some very cool images!

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These workshops are for EVERYONE who has a basic understanding of the MANUAL exposure control of their cameras.

If you are not that familiar with your camera yet then you might first want to take the “Getting To Know Your Camera” and/or the “Fundamentals of Photography 101” workshops that we offer on a monthly basis.

In This Workshop We will cover:

* Setting the Stage: Receptacles, Drip Methods and Other Various Tools

* Choosing or Creating the Right Background for your Desired Colors

* Choosing the Right Lens

* Placement of Light• Duration of Flash

* Modification of your Light Source

Tools We Will Use

• Hand Held Flash Unit or Studio Strobes with Adjustable Output

• Various Colored Materials to Create The Colors in the Droplets

What To Bring

• Digital SLR Camera with different exposure modes, mainly Manual Operation

• Cable Release or Remote Triggers to trip your shutter

• Tripod

• A Detachable Flash Unit compatible with your camera

• Wireless triggers or wired connection to activate your flash.

If you don't have one we can possibly provide a flash unit or Studio Strobe. If you will be using our strobes, please let me know. You will need to have a camera body that will accept a PC cord for strobes or remote transceiver with a PC receptor. (Call if you have questions).

• Camera Batteries

• Memory Cards


Familiarity with the operation of your camera and the basic understanding of photographic lighting. Or have taken one or more of our other basic courses.

“Getting To Know Your Camera”

“The Fundamentals of Photography 101”

“Basic Lighting

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Splash-Water Droplet Photography

Registration Fee: Only $75.00

3 (three) attendees minimum and 6 (six) attendees maximum.

Attendees will work in teams of two and/or with the instructor.

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Saturday Morning



9:00 a .m. to 12 :00 p.m.


Island Images

2036 14th Ave. STE 101,

Vero Beach, FL 32960

Downtown Main Street, Vero Beach

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