Are you ready to embark on an

Unforgettable Photographic Adventure?

Look no further than Adventure Photography Tours! We specialize in capturing the breathtaking beauty of the southeastern United States, with a focus on North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

From the hauntingly beautiful dead trees of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina and the picturesque waterfalls and vistas of North Carolina to the historic districts and architecture of South Carolina and Georgia, our adventures are designed to provide you with unparalleled opportunities to capture stunning landscape and cityscape photographs. We explore unique locations such as cool graffiti areas, fallen and glorious trees, historic cemeteries and graveyards, lighthouses, bridges, fountains, and beautiful flowers, ensuring that you'll have an array of diverse subjects to photograph depending on the photographic adventure that you choose.

Our experienced guides are passionate about photography and are committed to helping you capture the perfect shot. We'll not only take you to the most photogenic locations but also provide expert guidance on finding the best times to shoot, from the soft light of dawn to the dramatic hues of dusk and twilight. We even venture into the deep dark of night to capture the mesmerizing beauty of the Milky Way.

But our adventures are not just about photography. We believe in providing a well-rounded experience, which includes exploring the local culture and cuisine. You'll have the opportunity to discover the best places to eat in the towns we visit, making your adventure not just visually captivating but also a culinary delight.

Join us on an unforgettable photographic adventure that will not only hone your photography skills but also create lasting memories. Book your next or FIRST photographic adventure with Adventure Photography Tours today and embark on an extraordinary journey of discovery and creativity.

Adventure Photography Tours

We offer Photo Walks, Photography Classes/Workshops and Photo Adventures

What is the difference…?

Photo Walks

Typically take place locally or no more than an hour to an hour and a half drive from our studio/gallery location located in Vero Beach, Fl. (STUDIO LOCATION)

These photo walks are usually about an hour or two in duration and take place in an area that may be themed such as a boatyard, downtown city, public garden, sporting event or something of the like. Our photo walks are two-fold…as a social gathering with other photographers and also a practicing session with some type of technical challenge such as the uses of shutter speed or low light photography or to challenge yourself to SEE a little more creatively. It is fun to see a group shooting together and you would be amazed at all the different images that are created by a group of photographers in the same location!

Our photo walk group is organized more like a club with an annual registration fee of only $60.00. Our group has at least one and sometimes two photo walks per month, a monthly coffee chat, and a social and critique meeting. Our members also receive many other “PERKS” such as an annual gallery exhibit and discounts on workshops and Photographic Adventures!

Most, if not all of our members and attendees will say the photo walks are about “Fun, Photography….and Food!”

You can find our photo walk group “Adventure Photography and Photo Walks” on the meetup platform here: "Adventure Photography & Photo Walks Group"

Photographic Workshops/Classes

Our “Workshops” are geared more toward classroom and studio settings although some will involve fieldwork to put into practice what we have covered in the classroom/studio. The workshops/classes that are offered range from two hours to two days in length and will cover the basics to “Get You Going”. These classes range from Getting to Know Your Camera, The Fundamentals of Photography, and also getting started with editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. Other workshops will cover the Principals of Lighting from using one speedlight and mixing it with available light to a full 4 light portrait studio setting.

Other specialty workshops may include but not limited to Night Photography and Light Painting, Floral Photography, Food and Drink Photography, Model and Fashion Photography as well as private/semi-private mentoring, coaching, or instruction that you might find more suited to the type of photography that sparks your interest. If we cannot personally provide what you are looking for we will give you guidance and help you find exactly what you are seeking. You can find our photography workshops listed on our WORKSHOPS PAGE

Photographic Adventures

Our Photographic Adventures are about the experience

and coming away with beautiful photos too!

The Experience

Our Private and Semi-Private Photographic Adventures are unique in that not only do you have the opportunity to photograph some very interesting and beautiful locations but also the people and cultures that make up those unique communities. These adventures blend and incorporate landscape, street and documentary photography into one exhilarating adventure. These photographic adventures are educational opportunities on many levels and are also considered photographic workshops.

When possible, we enjoy integrating the local or cultural cuisine and establishments of the area to ensure a full experience. We try to stay away from the national food chains (except for Dunkin Doughnuts) whenever possible.

The Domestic US Photographic Adventures are usually over a weekend (3) three days to (5) days depending on the location. Some of our adventures are located in the same general area and are scheduled back to back so that you can combine an adventure or two for a longer experience.

International Adventures are usually (5) five to (7) seven days and up to (2) two weeks in length. These Adventures; depending on the country or region are also at times scheduled back to back so that you may have the opportunity to become fully immersed in the region, culture, and experience!

Although we specialize in private and semi-private adventures,  our larger group Photographic Adventures are usually limited to between 6-10 attendees. We prefer to keep our groups small so that there is more time for individual queries. Although our Photographic Adventures do not include classroom work we are available for questions during the slower parts of the adventure or during some of the downtime. That said, our itineraries are usually pretty well packed with early mornings and late evenings with a bit of walking and carrying gear so your downtime MAY be spent napping!

Why go on a Photographic Adventure?

Some of the benefits of our Photographic Adventures vs a destination tour are simple, it’s about the experience and the photography!

With small intimate photographic adventures we all have the same goal in mind, obtain beautiful images! Not 50 people on a bus being herded from place to place.

We stay at the given location for the time it takes to catch the “Right Light or Right Moment” no rush and we let the group decide when we’re finished. Not getting dropped off at a location and told to be back on the bus in 40 minutes.

One important factor is that as the saying goes, there is “Safety in Numbers.” I’m sure there have been times that you may have wanted to wander off in a large group situation to get THAT SHOT, but was a little leery to go stray off by yourself.

We save you a lot of time since we have scouted the locations to find the optimum settings for a given location as well as the time of year and day for that location. So sit back and enjoy the ADVENTURE and EXPERIENCE!

Our motto….”Don’t anticipate, participate!”

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